A Journal Prompt to Help You Set a Braver Business Strategy

I’m not good enough.

Maybe you’ve thought this a time, or two hundred?

If you suffer with any self-doubt or self-worth issues, it’s really hard to show up and share your authentic ideas, offers and work in the collective.

When you don’t believe in yourself enough, you often don’t believe in your talents and gifts enough, either.

Then, you start to have thoughts like:

  • I’m not good enough.
  • I’m not cut out for this.
  • Everyone else is better.
  • I don’t have what it takes.

This is a vicious cycle of stagnation in a business.

I hear these comments so much in my coaching, which is all about empowering female entrepreneurs to play bigger, embrace your uniqueness and shine brighter in your industry.

But, before you can uplevel your identity in your business, you must first be super secure in your own self-worth — quirks, warts and all.

There is no doubt my superpower as a coach is to help you find your authentic purpose so you can BE YOU and embrace your many multitudes so you can feel aligned in what you do and how you earn an income.

My work for more than 10 years has been empowering women to believe you are enough, do enough and, ultimately, have enough so you can let go of hustling for your worth and striving for more, more, more.

Because hustling for your worth is not how you thrive wholistically in your lives — or work.

So, the prompt I want you to consider then, is this:

JOURNAL PROMPT: If I no longer doubted myself and my abilities, what would change in my life and work?

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