An Important Question to Help You Define Your Business Model

Do you want fame or freedom?

When I started my first business in 2012, it was easy to have freedom and fame. I grew my Facebook page to 40K followers easily.

Going viral was just a part of the online game 10 years ago.

Like everything though, things changed — a lot.

Now, going viral requires strategy or luck or both. And, your great writing or idea isn’t necessarily going to bring you fame or fortunes.

It might. It might not.

But the right offer, method and message will absolutely bring you freedom.

Freedom to be yourself.

Freedom to do life your way.

Common advice about marketing and running a business shared by marketing gurus who all think they have the solutions are often in conflict with each other. Some say YouTube! Some say long form content. Others say short form! Interestingly, their solutions often happen to be how they are making their money.

But there is another way:

Your Way.

You do this by developing your own methodology and natural marketing system that is unique and beautiful to you and to those who resonate with your message so you are attracting rather than chasing.

This is exactly how I built my business.

This method is at the heart of the work I do with clients designing brave offers and marketing to be more visible and take up space in their industry.

Freedom is found through finding a quiet path of least resistance that leads to your definition of success.

Fame is a numbers and visibility game that requires a lot of hustle, grind and chasing.

It’s courageous to choose the path that feels best for you.

I will always choose freedom.

Which do you choose?

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