Are You Chasing the Wrong Business Goals? The Entrepreneur’s Freedom Trifecta

Shawn Fink
7 min readOct 16, 2022

I’ve met with and worked with a lot of entrepreneurs over the past 10 years.

And more than money, the entrepreneurs in my circle want to feel whole, to feel like their work is aligned and a part of how they draw meaning in the world. They want to earn an income consciously and with their integrity intact.

The freedom to be yourself, do what you want, and make a living doing that is the ultimate goal for my clients as a business design strategist and courage coach.

Most entrepreneurs have been conditioned to believe freedom is only found through making as much money as humanly possible and the solution for that is to hustle and grind until you get there.

This results in shoulding your life and business away by chasing all the wrong goals.

Sadly, that often means while you are so busy building a wildly successful business you are also putting on hold who you really are and what you really want until you finally reach the financial success of 6 or 7 figures.

I call absolute BS on that.

It’s a myth that you must scale in order to have enough money to do what you want to do. The toll of growing a business to 7 figures is enormous.

Scaling doesn’t need to be your goal to thrive and flourish — but FREEDOM should be.

I started my first business for one thing — the freedom to do what I wanted creatively and to have the space and time to take care of my daughters when they needed me most. Even at 6-figures, my goal was always to stay in my integrity and live a slow, sustainable life.

Honestly, some entrepreneurs never reach 7 figures. It depends on your service and offer, the market, and timing. It depends on your capacity and your team.

Or, you may get there and still not have true freedom because you are too busy holding up an image or a certain type of identity that no longer fits you but you are stuck in the day-to-day of the business.

This is the Vicious Cycle of Entrepreneurship and I have seen so many trapped in and feeling stuck in year after year.

True prosperity and freedom are much more than that.

Your business should offer you what I call the Entrepreneur’s Freedom Trifecta.

A business designed for the Entrepreneur’s Freedom Trifecta puts your thriving in the center.

Time freedom — The ability to do what you need to do for your life, family, and business and still have time left over for rest, pleasure, and joy. This means being available to your kids at crucial family moment times. This means having time to take good care of yourself in mind, body, and spirit. This means being able to work on the YES projects you want to work on.

Pursuit of Meaning Freedom — The ability to do work that brings you most alive and to have the capacity and space to work on projects that light you up and bring meaning to your life. Not just transactional work but true, authentic superpower and zone of genius work.

Identity Freedom — The prerogative to show up as yourself and be yourself is absolutely a part of the Entrepreneur’s Freedom Trifecta. When you can say what you believe and not worry about the fallout of losing a client, you are experiencing identity freedom.

More than anything, you want to feel free in how you spend your time, how you choose the work you do, and how you show up in the world fully as yourself.

This is the Entrepreneur’s Freedom Trifecta.

And it takes a few Brave YES business moves to make it a reality — before you even hit 6 figures, or 7 or 8. >>>>>> READY TO SET POWERFUL GOALS FOR THE UPCOMING YEAR? REGISTER NOW FOR YOUR BRAVEST BUSINESS YEAR YET GOAL-SETTING VIRTUAL RETREAT.

Designing a business FOR this kind of freedom is possible. And once you do, it will also bring with it the other kinds of more traditional freedoms such as financial freedom and, if it’s your thing, geographic freedom.

Financial freedom for my clients is not always about scaling.

It’s about paying yourself a thriving wage and paying your team a thriving wage as well — so you can all enjoy a good life.

This means having plenty of resources to live the life you want and take care of your needs AND maintaining ease. This kind of financial freedom allows freedom from worry, stress, and scarcity. As a business strategist and courage coach, I work with my clients on what feels good to make money and pay yourself a thriving wage — with your integrity still intact.

The truth is you don’t need to hustle or scale to experience The Entrepreneur’s Freedom Trifecta. You can design a business for where you are right now and what you need right now — and center YOUR thriving and flourishing — and earning bank will become the byproduct of your happiness and sustainable energy.

To achieve true freedom, you must take bold, impactful, and courageous actions to design and run a Brave YES business empire that centers your sovereignty and thriving in mind, body, and spirit.

No B.S. required.


Here are 5 Steps to Building Your Brave YES Business Empire where YOU are flourishing and experiencing the Entrepreneur’s Freedom Trifecta with purpose, possibility, prerogative, and prosperity.

5 Steps to Building Your Brave YES Business Empire


The preliminary work I do with every one of my Brave Yes Business Design Strategy clients is to help them find clarity on where they are, where they are going, and what needs to change. This is alignment.

A big part of the alignment process is unearthing your strengths and values and tying those together in a super-defined vision for yourself and your business.

This process includes your work and the life you — the founder — want to lead and begins to look at the business you have and see what’s matching up and what’s not.

Often in this process, we’re doing a lot of new boundary setting and editing of your time and offers. And you are starting to unlearn some No Brain habits that keep you people-pleasing and undercharging for your work.


The big question here: Where you are right now and what you are offering and doing — Does the energy match where you want to go?

During the assessment process, we’re focusing a lot on your capacity — what you can handle right now and what you want to be able to handle going forward — and how to grow your capacity for bigger, bolder goals.

This is where we take a look under the hood of your business and begin to design your money-making strategy and marketing spiral to fit your vision and values and truly focus on what’s going to bring you alive each day.


This is where you start to shine in your newly aligned business strategy.

You are ready to start taking risks. You are ready to start moving into growth mode.

This is when you must start to believe in yourself and what makes you a powerful leader so you can ASCEND and truly stand out and to grown and boost your business.

This is where we truly get into learning and adopting the Brave YES Mindset that will help you take action and really design your business for time, creative and financial freedom — without apology.


Essential to any business is your attraction strategy!

A thriving business is taking visibility risks that Call In your most aligned clients and allows them gracious ways to get closer and closer to your work — and to you — all the time — without you having to go and find them.

This is a powerful part of your freedom.

When you have the prerogative to do what lights you up in your business, the right people will flock to you.

Establish a powerful sales and lead magnet strategy that works for you and your personality and your strengths. This is when you establish a clear system for how to call in your most aligned clients and start to really put your powerful message into the world.


Finally, it’s time to ACTUALIZE your vision for yourself and your business so that you are feeling FREE to be yourself and do your thing.

This is the time to put yourself out there — consistently.

Doing the work — consistently.

Showing up — consistently.

And, to do so without burning out, you’re going to need to have everything else in place — clarity around the WHAT, the essential team that will support you and what you need, and systems and routines that keep you grounded and on the path to your empire where you have full sovereignty over yourself and your life.

Establishing Bold business practices that increase your visibility, sales, and audience as well as designing a business that works for you not against you is the way to create true freedom in your life.

Some homework I would give to you if freedom is important to you … what does true freedom mean to you?


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