The One Skillset You Need to Make a Big, Audacious Goal Happen

Shawn Fink
2 min readMar 17, 2022


Do you have a big, audacious life or work goal that feels pretty impossible right now?


Me, too.

The first thing we need before we start on the journey to completion is to build a skillset of hope.

That’s right, you can cultivate hope for the hard things.

The First Hope-Building Step

Start by thinking of a time in your life when you did something that seemed pretty impossible.

For me, I started a 6-figure online business 10 years ago. When I started, that seemed super impossible. I remember saying there was no way that was possible for me.

The Second Hope-Building Step

Thinking about that impossible thing you once did, consider all the strengths you used at the time. In other words, how did you make it possible?

In my own story, I was resourceful, creative and persistent.

The Third Hope-Building Step

Finally, ask yourself how you can put those same strengths and qualities to use right now as you tackle your Brave Yes goal.

I’m currently trying to grow my audience so I can launch The Brave Yes CEO Squad, a group coaching program to help female entrepreneurs master the Brave Yes Mindset and Skillsets to take up more space in their industry.

I can build on my strengths of being resourceful, creative and persistent in how I grow my audience and invite people into that experience.

I’d love to hear about an impossible thing you did in the past. Share in the comments or send me a message!

What hope-building strengths will you put to use to reach your goal?

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